How to Choose the Right New Home Builder

By Andrew Scrase

In the pursuit of your new home, choosing a trusted builder is paramount. This decision is one of the very first you’ll make if not the first, and will set the tone for every aspect of your new home. With that in mind, choosing your home builder may seem like a daunting process— but it doesn’t need to be. By knowing what to look for when it comes to builders, you can easily sift through the crowd and find the perfect builder for you.

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Why Choose A Locally Owned Home Builder?

Your property is going to be something you can enjoy for many years to come. Whether you use it for holidays, live there year-round, or open it up to families and friends, this home is going to be a long-term investment that you and your family will cherish.

Choosing a new home gives you comprehensive creative control. An all-inclusive home builder provides you with the power to create a home designed just for you. Every corner, inside and outside, will be purposefully designed to best suit your needs.

How to Choose the Builder For You

When you’re looking for a new home builder, here are just a few of the most important factors to look for:

1. Great Partnerships

When browsing the website for a builder, look for the companies and providers they frequently partner with. Local partnerships mean that your builder has strong professional relationships, so with their well-established reputation, you can ensure that they’ll be reliable and trustworthy.

This also demonstrates that they’re deeply embedded in the local community and that the area is important to them. As such, they’re committed to contributing to the growth and beauty of the local area rather than simply building a house and moving on.

2. Clear Outlines

Take a careful look at how open potential builders are about their approach to the process, the steps they’ll take you through, their design outlines, and expected outcomes. The journey towards your new home should be transparent from the very beginning right through to the handover.

A reputable home builder will provide a thorough overview of their process on their website and during your initial consultation. This should outline the key phases, such as what will happen and when, and will be laid out in an easily understandable manner. As you move through the process together, clarity also includes the architectural plans, interior design concepts, and a detailed overview of the materials and finishes you’ve selected.

3. Focused Services

Luxury home design is vastly different from the average home construction process. When deciding to build a custom, high-end house, you need the specific advice and guidance of an expert.

By choosing a builder that specialises not only in luxury homes but also in the specific style and area in which your house will be built, you are setting yourself up for the best possible end result. You deserve focused, targeted services that are specific to your unique property, and that’s what you’ll get with a custom luxury home builder.

Plus, with our project homes option, we have a ready-to-built options for those who want a more affordable or accelerated home build.

4. Emphasis on Collaborations

In order to successfully build a home that is truly yours, down to the finest of design details, then you need to be involved at every step of the journey. Any home builder you choose to work with needs to have this as their top priority.

A reputable new home builder will understand how to translate your vision into a tangible plan, and if they have any questions or concerns, they will raise these with you. Your builder should be an adept active listener who takes the time to hear your desires and preferences, and works with you to turn your canvas into your completed project.

This collaboration should endure throughout the whole build to ensure it stays on course and ultimately produces your dream masterpiece.

5. View Their Portfolio

A builder’s portfolio is a visual narrative of their mastery. Each project demonstrates their craftsmanship and design capabilities, so make sure you choose a builder whose portfolio matches your vision and expectations for quality.

When looking through their previous work, ensure they’re meticulous in their attention to detail and that they thoughtfully use innovative materials throughout their builds. While each home is different, many aspects such as precision and superior materials, should always remain the same.

6. Focus on Technology and Sustainability

With homes built today, technology needs to be woven into the fabric of their design. Not only is it useful in so many aspects of our lives, but it’s something you should expect in a custom luxury home in this day and age.

Technology is about immediate benefits as much as it is future-proofing your investment. Forward-thinking technology ensures your home will continue to meet your evolving needs and lifestyle, and can intersect with sustainability for an eco-conscious approach.

A builder who uses sustainable materials marries form and function with respect for the natural environment nearby. By choosing a builder who blends these two elements, your custom home can become a beacon of eco-conscious modern luxury that benefits you, your family, and the nature that surrounds you.

About The Author

Andrew Scrase, the founder of Indianic Homes, is a Master Builder with an impressive portfolio spanning over a decade in the construction industry. His journey began as a local resident who recognised the need for innovative and modern construction practices in his region. Driven by this insight, he established Indianic Homes, a family-owned enterprise that has since set new standards in the building sector.

Andrew's profound connection to the local landscape and community is at the heart of Indianic Homes. His approach combines sourcing cutting-edge materials and embracing the latest home trends, all while drawing on local expertise. This unique blend ensures that every home not only meets but exceeds the expectations of those looking to find their sanctuary in the south west of WA.  

With a commitment to innovation, precision, and maintaining exceptional relationships with clients, Andrew leads his team to deliver homes that are not just structures but embodiments of smart and innovative design. Each project reflects his passion for blending homes seamlessly with the breathtaking coastal backdrop, ensuring that every home is a testament to quality, originality, and excellence.

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