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Your Questions

What service area do you work in?

We provide all the work you need to complete your dream home in the stunning south west of WA, including Bunbury, Busselton, Dunsborough, Eagle Bay, Yallingup, Cowaramup, Margaret River, Augusta and surrounding areas.

How do I choose the right home builder for my project?

Choosing the right home builder for you is essential. When you research builders, ensure they align with the style you have in mind for your project and that they hold the qualifications and certifications to complete your build to perfection. Here at Indianic Homes, we aspire to work with clients with a clear vision for their stunning coastal abode. We want to share a passion for modern, innovative design and an appreciation for high-quality results. If this sounds like you, contact us today to begin your project.

What qualifications or certifications should I look for in a WA home builder?

Your WA home builder should be a member of HIA and/or Master Builders WA; these associations comprise of builders, subcontractors, suppliers, and consultants that service the building and construction industry in the state.

You should also ensure that your builder provides all warranties and insurance for your project. Here at Indianic Homes, we are a Master Builder in WA and a member of the HIA, holding all relevant insurances. We also offer a 26-week defect period (which is longer than most) and a lifetime structural guarantee so that you can trust your home is built to perfection and built to last.

Can Indianic Homes help with the design and customisation of my home?

We’re incredibly passionate about home design and customisation, so we’re more than happy to assist in this area. We also have a trusted network of architects, designers, and landscape designers to assist with their respective specialties. If you opt for our ‘custom home’ service, this includes a 100% custom design so your home can be entirely tailored to your family’s needs. If you opt for one of our ‘project homes’, you’ll work with a fixed design, however, you’ll be able to customise certain elements to make the home suit you.

How long does it typically take for you to complete a home project?

While the timeline of each build varies, you can typically expect:

  • 12 to 16 weeks from the point of contact to build permits.
  • 9 to 12 months from the time you get your build permit.

This means that from the moment we begin, you can expect your home to be ready for you to move in and enjoy in 12 months. In some cases, this may extend to 13 or 14 months. On the other hand, the process may be accelerated. Either way, we will contact you throughout the process and communicate all timelines and milestones.

How do you work with my budget? Do you stay on budget?

We pride ourselves on accurate quotations, so we consider all possibilities and do our due diligence in every area. This allows us to stay on budget and work to the highest standard within your budget. Your cost will only change if you request a change— we will never increase costs on your behalf.

Do you provide a new home warranty?

Yes, absolutely. We offer a 26 weeks defect period and a lifetime structural home warranty, so you can rest assured your coastal abode will stand the test of time.

Who will be my point of contact?

Each home owner will be provided with the contact details for their own personal Site Manager. You will be able to reach out to your Site Manager via phone or email at anytime!

Can you help with landscaping?

Yes, we can. We are an all-inclusive home builder, which extends to building the landscape to surround the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Can you assist with obtaining permits and approvals?

Yes, we certainly can. We understand the permit and approval processes can seem complicated, so we’re here to take that stress off your shoulders. This is included in our home-building process.

How involved can I be in the construction process?

We love to show clients through their homes during the build process! We will organise planned visits at key stages of the build so you can admire your new home vision becoming a reality. Drop-ins aren’t typically permitted for safety reasons, but organised on-site visits are more than welcome.

Can you work with my designer or architect?

We enjoy working with designers and architects who share our vision, so collaborations are possible. We like to be involved at the front end, so from the inception, your builder and architect will work together to create your coastal haven. We can also offer guidance and advisory based on your budget.

What insurance and qualifications do you have?

We are a WA Master Builder, and we provide all warranties and all necessary insurance. Owner, Andrew, is also a registered builder and can provide secure home indemnity insurance along with all other required insurances and warranties.

Are there any additional costs or fees I should be aware of?

We’re committed to being open and upfront with you, so all fees will be outlined.

How do you handle modifications during the construction process?

As long as modifications are flagged or brought to us before the stage they need to be implemented, we can accommodate them. Here we will price the change up and do a formal variation to deliver your dream down to the last detail.

What steps are involved in the home-building process?

We have a detailed process that will guide you through the entire building experience. View our project home page or custom home page to see the process for each.

How do you ensure quality and compliance with building codes?

We take safety incredibly seriously, so you can trust that we’re always up to code in all aspects of the build.

Can you help with energy-efficient or sustainable home features?

Yes, we can— we’re dedicated to creating homes that are not only visually stunning but also mindful of the planet and its resources. We can integrate innovative elements into your home to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Your New Home Journey Starts Here

Your dream deserves to come to fruition, and that’s what we’re here to provide. At Indianic Homes, we deliver sophisticated coastal abodes that embody innovation and unique charm.

As registered builders with a trusted network of architects, designers, landscape designers, and more, we can manage every aspect of your new home in the beautiful south west of WA.

To launch your project or custom home building journey, reach out to Indianic Homes today!