Unique Coastal Home Designs in South-West Western Australia

By Andrew Scrase

A home near the sea is a sanctuary nestled within natural beauty. For those who desire luxury coastal living, unique home designs create an unmatched living experience that can be enjoyed all year round. By combining the tranquil aesthetics of the ocean with sea-inspired design facets, a coastal abode is more than a mere home— it’s a masterpiece that stands as a testament to your refined taste.

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Unique Coastal Home Design South West WA

What Sets Coastal Homes Apart?

Coastal home design is as distinctive as each wave. While homes in many suburbs look as though they’ve been simply duplicated and dropped onto small, identical lots, coastal homes provide the opposite experience and feeling.

Contemporary homes by the coast fall into an architectural design of their own league. This is because coastal contemporary home design focuses on capturing the tranquil and serene atmosphere of coastal life while combining modern aesthetics and sleek home design. These homes tend to be open and spacious, use soft neutral colours, and feature lots of large windows and natural lighting.

Here are a few more factors that set coastal home designs apart from the rest of the industry:

1. Sustainability and Weather Resistance

Coastal homes are all about location, which impacts house design. First of all, these properties typically emphasise and highlight their natural environments. This means that modern coastal homes will also stay mindful of their environmental impacts. These homes will often incorporate energy-efficient features and use eco-friendly materials, which is why it is best to work with home designers who specialise in coastal properties.

Homes in coastal areas such as South-West Western Australia can also come with a greater need for durable materials. Homes in these locations need to be built for long-term protection against harsher elements such as wind, the sun, and salt water. Typical building materials that work inland simply won’t set you up for success by the sea.

2. Natural and Open Designs

Your coastal home should evoke the same soothing, serene feelings that you get when you spend an afternoon sitting on the sand. There are a few simple priorities in coastal design that can help achieve this aesthetic.

By using neutral, natural colours like whites, beiges, and pale blues or greens, you can mimic some of that oceanic experience. Using a colour palette inspired by the nearby nature will create a soothing backdrop, especially when combined with an open-plan design. Open-plan living embraces light and airiness with expansive windows that maximise the natural light, high ceilings, and soft fabrics for window treatments and other areas.

3. Highlighting Coastal Features

Coastal homes need to be designed uniquely because they offer unique benefits. When you’re designing a house, you need to focus on highlighting the natural strengths of the area.

For beachside homes, the features that deserve to be given the spotlight are all natural. With such stunning gifts of natural Australian beauty all around, it is crucial that any property is designed to complement these features.

Many coastal homes will therefore blend indoor and outdoor living as much as possible, creating a fulfilling connection to nature. Outdoor living spaces, balconies, patios, pools, fountains— all of these things give homeowners the ability to properly enjoy the beauty of the area, evoking the feelings of being near the water.

4. Nature-Inspired Materials

Selecting the materials for your coastal-inspired home requires deliberate thought. Some materials simply don’t match the aesthetics of a home by the beach and will seem out of place.

Coastal homes often pay homage to the surrounding environment by incorporating natural textures such as wood, stone, and organic fibres. These materials will evoke a sense of connection with the landscape where the home sits.

5. Focus on Views

A coastal home is all about the view it offers. Architectural designs and layouts for coastal homes make the most of every glimmer of light on the ocean by day and by night. Living rooms, bedrooms, the kitchen, and outdoor spaces are designed to maximise views of the ocean and are often oriented to become the focal point of the design.

About The Author

Andrew Scrase, the founder of Indianic Homes, is a Master Builder with an impressive portfolio spanning over a decade in the construction industry. His journey began as a local resident who recognised the need for innovative and modern construction practices in his region. Driven by this insight, he established Indianic Homes, a family-owned enterprise that has since set new standards in the building sector.

Andrew's profound connection to the local landscape and community is at the heart of Indianic Homes. His approach combines sourcing cutting-edge materials and embracing the latest home trends, all while drawing on local expertise. This unique blend ensures that every home not only meets but exceeds the expectations of those looking to find their sanctuary in the south west of WA.  

With a commitment to innovation, precision, and maintaining exceptional relationships with clients, Andrew leads his team to deliver homes that are not just structures but embodiments of smart and innovative design. Each project reflects his passion for blending homes seamlessly with the breathtaking coastal backdrop, ensuring that every home is a testament to quality, originality, and excellence.

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