Why to Choose an All-Inclusive Design and Construct Builder

By Andrew Scrase

There are many elements and steps involved when building a new home. Beyond building the physical structure of your house, an all-inclusive builder takes into account planning and preparation as well as extra touches like landscaping and interior design.

Choosing an all-inclusive home builder means that you can personalise your home down to the finest details. Continue reading as we walk through what an all-inclusive service at Indianic Homes means and the benefits on offer. For personalised advice, contact our team at Indianic Homes today.

What is an All-Inclusive Builder?

An all-inclusive builder simplifies the entire home design and building process. With this, you’ll have a dedicated point of contact who guides you from start to finish. This hands-on approach empowers you to actively contribute to the design, ensuring your vision comes to life.

With an all-inclusive builder, your investment is channelled into making your dream home a true reflection of your lifestyle.

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The Intricacies of Home Design

Our services are purposefully designed to make designing a home as simple as possible. We act as your sole provider for every part of the process, ensuring a seamless experience for you. From planning and design to engineering and delivering landscaping, interior design, and more, this process is designed to save you time.

By choosing an all-inclusive builder for your coastal home, every intricate detail will be taken care of, including:

  • Initial roadmap plans and ideal outcome discussions
  • Custom floor plan creation through creative consultation
  • 3D schematic design to visualise your dream home
  • Accurate price estimation and budget management
  • Handling preliminary building agreements and permits
  • Complete home customisation, including landscaping choices
  • Seamless progression through the full construction process
  • The triumphant moment of handing over the keys

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The Benefits of All-Inclusive Builders

Choosing an all-inclusive builder offers numerous benefits that make the entire process streamlined and efficient. Ultimately, this ensures that you can move into your new home and enjoy it sooner.

The benefits of an all-inclusive builder include:

1. One Team Managing the Entire Project

Having a single point of contact ensures the design and build experience is as stress-free as possible. Having one team manage every aspect eliminates the need to contact multiple tradespeople, architects, and other suppliers. Not only does this save time, but it also cuts down on potential miscommunications.

2. Simplified Decision-Making

Needing to make many decisions regarding every aspect of your home build can lead to decision fatigue. By working with an all-inclusive builder, you’ll be guided through each step. This reduces the amount of time you would otherwise spend researching and comparing choices.

2. Established Local Relationships

We have well-established local partnerships with suppliers and other professionals in place. This means we can access materials more quickly and have them installed sooner, minimising time spent waiting for deliveries and sourcing tradespeople.

3. Easily Understandable Timeline

We keep you informed by providing a clear timeline for every phase of your build. When you have knowledge of what’s to come and when, you can plan other aspects of your life much more easily.

4. Reduced Stress

With one team managing the entire project, you can relax knowing everything is being well taken care of. We utilise professionals in their respective fields who are used to working together, allowing you to feel at ease.

5. Quality Assurance

We employ strict quality assurance protocols to ensure all work meets our high standards. This is aimed towards preventing delays caused by rework or corrections.

6. Ready for Handover

There’s no need to concern yourself with paperwork and appointments with multiple people when you work with an all-inclusive builder. Instead, we manage final inspections, certifications, and all the required paperwork so you can enjoy a seamless transition into your new home.

About The Author

Andrew Scrase, the founder of Indianic Homes, is a Master Builder with an impressive portfolio spanning over a decade in the construction industry. His journey began as a local resident who recognised the need for innovative and modern construction practices in his region. Driven by this insight, he established Indianic Homes, a family-owned enterprise that has since set new standards in the building sector.

Andrew's profound connection to the local landscape and community is at the heart of Indianic Homes. His approach combines sourcing cutting-edge materials and embracing the latest home trends, all while drawing on local expertise. This unique blend ensures that every home not only meets but exceeds the expectations of those looking to find their sanctuary in the south west of WA.  

With a commitment to innovation, precision, and maintaining exceptional relationships with clients, Andrew leads his team to deliver homes that are not just structures but embodiments of smart and innovative design. Each project reflects his passion for blending homes seamlessly with the breathtaking coastal backdrop, ensuring that every home is a testament to quality, originality, and excellence.

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